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Binder Posts & Caps

Komtech's new Poly-Tech® Binder Posts and Drive Caps are the money-saving, modern alternative to old fashioned and expensive metal screw posts for use in sample books and other industrial fastening applications.

When you compare metal screw posts to Komtech's new binder post system, you'll find:

Poly-Tech® posts cost much less than metal posts and screws.
• Assembly is FIVE TIMES FASTER! Saving you time AND money
• Poly-Tech® Drive Caps are easily installed with just the tap of a hammer
• For permanent locking caps, specify Part Number 0660 or 2011
• For removable caps order Part Number 0638 or 0648
• Poly-Tech® posts don't scratch table tops or stain operators' hands
• Available in many stock and custom colors
• For jobs that still need a "metal look," brass or nickel plated drive caps (Part No. 2011 ) can be
All dimensions are nominal. Numbers in parenthesis represent millimeters

If you cannot locate a stock binder posts & Caps that will fit your application,challenge us for the solution now :
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